The vision

100 churches

500 volunteers

5.000 hours per month

Mobilize 100 churches and 500 volunteers to serve for 5000 hours per month to benefit their communities and Hanoi city
The Love in Action Committee is part of the Love Hanoi Festival. Our aim is to put hands and feet to God’s unconditional love for our neighbors.

“It is not about the event, but about the process,” say the staff of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Therefore, Love in Action’s focus is on mobilization and implementation of the social action projects both before and after the Festival’s main event on December 8-10, 2017. Our goals are set for a one-year period ending in June 2018. Some of these goals are:

  • Training and mobilizing 100 church leaders in Christian community development

  • Rehabilitating 500 drug addicts from Hanoi with at least a 3-month stay at any of the Christian rehabilitation centers

  • Helping 500 people who are poor, orphaned, widowed or homeless via the Communities of Peace project

  • Cleaning up 50 parks, lakes and neighborhoods

  • Supporting 5 women in recovery from human trafficking

  • Donating and distributing 1000 wheelchairs

It is our hope that these will not be one-time projects motivated by the Festival events. Our true motivation is God’s love for us demonstrated visibly through Jesus’ love in action. This stirs us up to be more like Jesus and show our love for our neighbors with our actions, both now and continuously.

Pastor Jacob Bloemberg & Luke Chatelain
Co-chairs, Love in Action Committee

Love in Action
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