Student scholarships

Scholarships—either helping to pay for tuition or providing supplies and materials—are a great way to build relationships with the local community and also demonstrate care that can impact a child’s life.

Step by step

1: Identification

Identify children in need

Look from either within the church, or contact local schools or authorities for children who come from low income families

2: Determination

Determine way in which to help

Working with school or within church, create plan to provide resources or supplies to children and children’s families

3: Raising funds

Create method of raising funds

Start a special offering at your church that collects money for the project

4: Determine means

Determine means of distributing scholarship or materials to student

Can be done through an event at the school or at the church

Recommendations from Pastors:

  • Frequency – Once or twice a year, or on a needs-by-case basis.

  • If you seek to provide money or materials to a school, you can make donations infrequently. However, if you hope to focus on a few particular students who demonstrate particular needs, it is good to have a system in place for how you will determine needs and follow up with the students.

  • Create a fund within your church that is specific for overseeing the raising and distribution of the scholarships.

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