Soft skills training

There are many practical ways that members in your church can serve and help others with their skills. This will develop a positive impact in the life of the individuals served and build relationships between them and the church.

Step by step

1: Find

Find individuals who you hope to help

These people can be students, disabled, the poor, neighbors, etc.

2: Recruitment

Recruit people who have teachable skills

Based on those who you desire to help, consider what skills might be able to be taught. Ask members in your church who have background in those skills

3: Planning

Create plan for what to teach, make, and how to sell

Work with those who have skills to understand what would be needed, how much time, and how items produced could be sold

4: Rasing funds

Raise funds for needed materials

Based on needs from plan, ask church or other individuals to help support the project

5: Continuously

Assess, maintain and continue project

After each class, consider how the project and teaching went and consider how the training went

Recommendation from Pastors:

  • Frequency – Weekly classes are recommended as it provides the students with regular opportunities to learn and rapidly increase their skill levels.

  • Provide the students with access to be able to continue to develop their skills even outside of the class. Having their own materials will allow for them to practice the skills they have acquired on their own and master them faster, and create an individual’s desire to develop in the skills.

  • Survey your church members for possible skills which they might have and be willing to teach. This could be a background in the skill itself or in running a small business to teach the students how to manage the business.  

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