The September communion of Love in Action was held sincerely and joyfully in the

late afternoon of September 18th with the participation of 30 people from 12 different churches in Hanoi City.

After the greetings and snacks party, the members listened together to Jacob Pastor (Lead Pastor of Hanoi International Fellowship) sharing Heaven Vision for Community. Thereby, we discovered that the Heaven is not only where we return to God’s house after passing away but also exists on the Earth with our good value, influence of the Heaven to our community, city and country through transforming, restoring every aspect that has been broken in our community.

Then, 3 groups discussed actively and drew pictures illustrating what were broken and desired for those recoveries: restoring broken relationships among humans, restoring the connection between humans and nature, habitat and restoring the bonds between humans and The Creator.

Wish that the poor will have enough essential things, the homeless will find the shelter, the sick will be healed, the people full of pain and suffering will find the comfort, the debtors will find the freedom, our habitat will get clean, healthy and unpolluted, and desire that Hanoi citizens all know the power of God about transformation and restoring to them!

Because there wasn’t much time, the representatives of two churches shared the influences of the churches and the Christian on their community by holding Mid- Autumn festival, visiting people in need, helpless and women who have unwanted pregnancies,... and other upcoming plans to replicate good deeds.

In September, Love in Action (LIA) will cooperate with Christian Medical Fellowship to organize a First Aid Training program on the 26th of this month with the aim of equipping The Christian with the knowledge, skills and techniques that helps the victims in necessary situations.

The September communion closed with the desires and plans to be cherished in every heart of people about the opportunities for restoring all aspects of the attendees and neighbors.

Praying that God will accompany you on good deeds to glorify God and have great benefits for communities. Looking forward to seeing you at the October communion.

Love in Action
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