After the First Central Region Relief Program, carried out by Love in Action in coordination with the Love Neighbors Ministry of Word of Life Church, we continued to call for joining hands of Benefactors, Organizations, Churches, brethrens in supporting The Central Region Flood Recovery Program (in collaboration with the Oneway Organization) and Loving Winter Program with the children in Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province.

In November, we received VND 47,098,000 for the two above Programs (see the list of sponsors in the photo below), and more than 30 packages of warm clothes, toys, books, and school supplies of the Korean International School in Hanoi and other benefactors. Love In Action supported the Oneway Organization in Flood Recovery Program VND 20 million and used for the Winter Love Program in Yen Bai with 22 million (see the below photo for further details). With the remaining amount at VND 5,098,000, we move to the next Charity Program scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

Thank God for answering our prayers. Thank you for the contribution, intercession, encouragement, and dedication of the children of God and the benefactors in the community who have trusted and supported us. Thank you to the volunteers for their time and effort in collecting, sorting, packaging, shipping, and distributing gifts to the students. At the same time, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Church, the President of Pá Lau Commune People's Committee, the administrators of Pa Lau Primary School and Secondary School for their cooperation and facilitation to help us implement this Program well. Here is the trip report:

At 9:00 am on December 1, 2020, our Charity team was divided into two cars, departing from two locations in Hanoi City. In detail, one car was driven by Pastor Vu Minh Tuan - Thanh Cong Church; and another was driven by Pham Trung Ha - Head of Charity Domain, Love In Action. Over a distance of about 200 km, we arrived at a guesthouse in Tram Tau District, Yen Bai City at about 4:00 pm.

At 7:00 am on December 2, 2020, after praying, we departed for Pa Lau commune. After more than 1 hour of driving, we arrived, met, and talked with Mr. Ho A Vang - Chairman of Pa Lau commune and Mr. Ngo Van Huynh – Headmaster of Pa Lau Primary and Secondary Ethnic Minority Day School in the commune Pa Lau, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province at the Committee's office. During the talks, we learned more about the economic conditions, life, and beliefs of people in the area.

After that, we moved to Pa Lau School, close to the Committee. With the attention and support of the government, the school has about 370 students, including about 250 boarding students; there are free school fees for all students, free meals and sleeping places for boarding students, and lunch meals for day students. After a short talk with School Administrators, we visited and gave gifts to the children during playtime. Seeing the cheerful and innocent students all is a blessing for us. Warm shirts, toys, notebooks and pens are the right time for the colder winter, homesickness and the coming first final exam. Although we were very attached to the lovely students here, we had to say good-bye to them so that they could start the class.

Next, we went to uncle Cho's house, a family in Pa Lau commune, to visit his family and Christians in the area. The house is only about 100 square meter, due to the tight-fitting rough wood panels, the low ground, and roof reinforced with canvas, but very cozy and close. Even though most people over the age of 30 do not speak Vietnamese language fluently, thanks to the translation of another Christian, we exchanged talks in God's love, blessing and sweetness. Being engrossed in love, talking, and honoring God, the mealtime has passed.

After sitting back, eating a late lunch, and having a long chat about the unfinished story, it was also time for us to leave at 15:00. To save time and money, we decided to return to Hanoi instead of staying one night in Yen Bai. When we arrived in Hanoi it was 11:00 at night.

Thank God for His companionship, guidance, and peace throughout the trip.

Thank you once again for the help of the Benefactors, Churches, the church's members, the volunteers and all the generous sponsors who helped make this program possible.

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