In God's presence, power, and grace, October fellowship with the topic called "Resources Based on Community Development" with the participation of 9 Christians from various churches in Hanoi.

After praying, praising God with the songs of "Unity" and "You Are Great"; MC Ngọc Anh‘s microphone suddenly stopped working. We were confused and tried some measures, but it still didn't work. At this time, God reminded us to pray, so 9 Christians together pleaded with God to show His power. While we were praying, we heard the voice of our host. Therefore, we were surprised and joyful because this was what He wanted us to experience: When we unite in praying, The Lord will be in the midst, and God Himself will fulfill everything we call on. Once again we sang joyfully to the Lord:

"You are great

You do miracles so great.

There is no one else like You.

There is no one else like You.”

Next, Pastor Jacob shared with his recording about the message " Community Development Based on Resources." Indeed, this message has given us the truth about building the community support project. In detail, apart from seeing the needs, we shouldn't only see the things that we can offer them because they are not enough for their needs but also expect others to give to them. Instead, we should see what is already there, what is good, and the resources God gives them; we build Community Development Projects then.

For instance, the local mountainous churches saw that their villages were still poor and lacked as there weren't any roads. Instead of seeing the needs or waiting for others to come with resources and solutions, they decided to build a road into the village with the participation of all Christians. Thereby, they created a good reputation for the government, even turned their viewpoints about local churches.

After the message, Christians discussed applying the lesson to the project that every person is carrying out or cherishing. Believe that seeing the communities from different dimensions will help us build community projects more effectively.

After that, we also shared what individuals, the churches, and our fellowship have been doing during the last month, especially in the transformation and assisting communities for the Central Region, the projects of different programs such as the health, family for Hanoi's citizens. Also, a church member shared his concerns on how to help people in the upland areas having occupations, etc.

The communion closed with unity and unanimously prayed to bless the pastors, churches, and Christian organizations so that God would encourage and use them to be the blessing and the light of the world for the places the Lord put them.

May the glory and all praise belong to our dear Lord!