Medical Checks

Medical checks are a great way to provide services to those who are incapable of receiving it on their own. They require planning and cooperation with the local government.

Step by step

1: Planning

Create plan for raising funds

There are many ways to help raise the funds for a project like this

2: Relationship

Build trust and relationships within the community

Develop a relationship with your local community and understand what their needs are

3: Contact local authorities

Contact local authorities and request permission to hold event

Inform authorities of intended number of people, location, date, and time of the event

4: Liên lạc với bệnh viện

Liên lạc với bệnh viện địa phương và xin giúp đỡ cho sự kiện

Bệnh viện địa phương sẽ cung cấp bác sĩ và y tá cấp cho việc khám chữa điều trị

5: Invite

Invite people who will be given care

Create a flyer to hand out

6: Confirmation

Confirm date and location of event

Once you have developed partnership and agreement from the local government, hospital, and community, and you have raised the funds

Recommendation from Pastors:

  • Frequency – Plan once every six months (although can vary depending on what type of service you hope to provide and number of people you are hoping to serve).

  • Speak with the hospital about what the needs of the local people are and ask them for their recommendations on how best the church can meet those needs. Also ask if they recommend any centers that may focus on that issue in your area who you could build a partnership with to meet continued care.  

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