Cares for orphan

“God adopted each of us when He invited us into His family and became our great father. Serving in these locations allows us great opportunities to demonstrate God’s love in the hearts of these littlest ones.”

Step by step

1: Contact

Contact and visit orphanage center

Build relationship with the leadership team of the organization

2: Agree

Agree on how your church can provide care

Working with the orphanage to understand their particular needs

3: Recruitment

Recruit members in church who are willing to help

Can be members from youth group or others who have an interest in serving others. Promote in church and share after each program

4: Programing

Create program plan for each visit

Each visit can provide different programs such as haircuts, teaching English, giving gifts, games, sports, or sharing the Word of God

5: Continuously

Continue and maintain

Assess what went well and what could be done better after each visit. Create a plan for how people can connect with the children in thoughtful ways

Recommendation from Pastors:

  • Frequency – Can be done on yearly or biannual schedule but monthly projects seem to work best to provide more familiarity with the children and demonstrate a consistent commitment of care.

  • Projects can be easy and require few resources but should be appropriate and demonstrate thought and investment to the students. If working with a non-Christian organization, work with them as to what is appropriate to share with the students concerning the Bible and the Christian faith.

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