Blood drives

Blood drives are a simple and popular way in which people in your church and community can all come together and contribute in helping in serving.

Step by step

1: Location

Confirm permission of location for the blood drive

Speak with the owner of the location of the place you would like to hold the event

2: Contact hospital

Contact the hospital to provide the date, number expected participants, location and time.

Arrange the date, provide an estimate of expected participants, and provide location and time

3: Contact local authorities

Contact local authorities

Fill out necessary documents to hold blood drive in the vicinity

4: Request help

Request help from church members as volunteers

Hospital will send staff, but will require small number of volunteers to oversee the event and help with administrative tasks

5: Promote

Recruit and promote to church members and other churches in your area

Have people register that they intend to donate blood. Promote to people outside of the church, including businesses, family and friends

6: Report

Provide final number of estimated participants to the hospital and receive confirmation of event

Debrief the event afterwards to celebrate successes and identify improvements for next time

Recommendations from Pastors:

  • Frequency – Plan to hold once every four to six months (people can only donate blood once every three months).

  • Create a team who can oversee the different aspects of the blood drive including promotion, communication, volunteer recruiting.

  • Promotion of the event is very important. The blood donation centers will require that you have people register in advance to verify that they will come to the event. Begin to promote the event several weeks in advance and have a clear way for how people can register for the event provided at your church.

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