New initatives for a new fresh love

Happy New Year 2021!

Congratulations on new initiatives!

We want

Put hands and feet to God’s unconditional love for our neighbors


We know

The call of every Christian and the mandate of every church is to pray for and seek the shalom of the city and their communities

“And should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left—and also many animals?”

Jonah 4:11


We had


of churches serve their


of projects are being done either daily, weekly, monthly


people have been helped by churches this past year

Seed projects

Blood Drives

Blood drives are a simple and popular way in which people in your church and community can all come together and contribute in helping in serving.

Care for Orphans

“God adopted each of us when He invited us into His family and became our great father. Serving in these locations allows us great opportunities to demonstrate God’s love in the hearts of these littlest ones.”

Medical Checks

Medical checks are a great way to provide services to those who are incapable of receiving it on their own. They require planning and cooperation with the local government.

Student Scholarships

Scholarships—either helping to pay for tuition or providing supplies and materials—are a great way to build relationships with the local community and also demonstrate care that can impact a child’s life

Soft Skills

There are many practical ways that members in your church can serve and help others with their skills. This will develop a positive impact in the life of the individuals served and build relationships between them and the church.


We did


We need

Volunteer registration
Making donation

 Your donation will help to build a better community for all of us. Please click here to give or promise a donation.


Design your own project

You have an idea to serve your community. Share it with us here sothat we can do together

GOD's love for the urban

"To me, The Bible answers all "WHY" questions and every problems of the urban's life"
Raymond J. Bakke

WHAT IS GOD'S VISION FOR URBAN? What does Bible say about urban mission? Raymond J. Bakke mentioned it systematically, through Genesis to Revelation . These Bible based Urban theology will surprise you and challenge you for beginning to feel how much love from God for urban. Detail

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